Hurricane Matthew has visited a blowing rain on us for a couple days here in eastern North Carolina.  For a while it really sounded as if he was coming in.

Quiet now, at 2:40 am, my mind returns first to my family and friends much more effected by Matthew. Born in Savannah Ga, Charles and I still have family all over Georgia and Florida.  Aunts and cousins as well as family of the heart. Friends so dear they are family.

At last count all were accounted for. Evacuated and safe. My thoughts now with the family of man.  Eleven are dead in the USA and 1.7 million are without power. Millions, possibly billions, in property damage.

Our local tv channels are down so I am relaying on the web for my info. The latest has the Virgiana coast being pounded with rain and 75 mph winds.

As Matthew still effects us the clean up is already in its infancy. Power crews, tree removal crews and emergency crews from all over the country are decending on our tattered coastline.  Thank you! From the bottom of all of our hrearts. . .Thank you!

The danger is not over!  Be careful! Stay safe!


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