Nanna pudding

Over this year we have had a few things that slowed me down.  To the point that I have been unable to cook as I would like.  As a result I made no Banana pudding during the spring or summer.  Today I made the first nanna puddin of 2016!

Most everyone is aware of nanna pudddin even if they are not a died in the wool southerner.  It is a layered dish. Pudding then vanilla wafers and fresh sliced bananas.

This is repeated until the dish is filled just about to the rim.  The last layer should be pudding. 

I differ from most southern cooks.  Most use vanilla or banana pudding. Store bought or home made are both common.  I make a home made coconut pudding to build my dish.  I am diabetic so sugar control is a big deal.  I make all my puddings with nut milk and Splenda.  This takes all added sugar out of the dish.  The dairy added more sugar  calories than you can imagine.  The best thing is noone ever notices.  Even coconut oil was  used to finish pudding instead of the standard butter. Worked perfectly! 

I top the finished dish with a little toasted coconut instead of meringue  or  whipped cream.   This is one of my brothers favorite desserts. He is gonna be a happy camper when he gets home!


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