Trixie is in trouble!

Yesterday evening I had made apple nut sundaes for our dessert.  Low carb ice cream. Granny Smith apples sautéed in coconut oil, Splenda and toasted nuts. I had pecans the brother had walnuts.

Trixie was of the opinion that she could sneak some of my sundae without my noticing. Boy was she wrong!

As I sat watching TV with Charles Trixie sidled up next me on the couch. Next thing I know she has licked the whole back of my spoon!  'Oh no she didn't!'

                                                                 Oh yes she did!

Bad Trixie!  Lol!  This is truly not like the Trixie.  Guess she has been following Lady's example.  Licking the spoon Is so like HER!

Oh well. . . At least Trixie didn't dive head first into the bowl! Lol!


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