Quick Dinner

Sorta bad day yesterday. So dinner was simple and quick. Huevoes Diablo, red potato salad (my fave) and tomato salad.

Not the best photo. Sorry! The Huevoes Diablo are just deviled eggs made with jalepeno instead of pickles.

Red potato salad is my fave.  The fastest too. Red bliss potatoes diced and cooked. Dressed with sour cream dill weed,  salt and pepper.  Easy peasy!

The tomato salad is easy too.  Just chopped veg.  In this case sweet onion, tomatoes and bell peppers. The dressing is just your favorite vinaigrette.  We also use a McCormick's product. Salad supreme.  A family flavor favorite we use it often.  I let the veg marinate til dinner.  Its so good.



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