Love PBS!

I LOVE PBS! For example... They just broadcast a study of the remains of King Richard III!  As high school juniors we studied some Shakespeare. Including Richard the third.

That however is the extent of my knowledge of the king. I have a vague impression that he suffered badly from scoliosis.

I am getting ahead of myself.  Richard III, the new evidence, is the documentary following the studies of how the king would have looked, walked and preformed in battle. On foot and on horse back.

Any how, sometime in 2012 while repairing a parking lot there were uncovered some remains dating
back to the reign of King Richard III.  500 years ago. Who knew they would be the remains of the man himself.

Richard III was killed in battle during The Wars of the Roses. His burial site was unknown. Until 2012 and his remains were found.

The scoliosis is very prominent in the skeletal remains.  The scholars studying the kings skeleton wondered if, with the extent of his deformity, he was able to do all the heroics that were attributed to him.

A young man, Dominic Smee, who had almost the identical curvature to his spine as did the long gone Richard, volunteers to assist. These scientists were excited to see if their young volunteer, they called the kings body double, could recreated the actions Richard III would have had done as king and warrior.

Dominic, after being poked, prodded and tested, went though training as a knight.  As the king would have.  He trained in jousting and sword fighting for months.  Also he trained in all these disciplines on horse back.

The discoveries and insights they gained as they watched Dominic swing a sword, ride a horse and engage in battle amazed me. For example. . .the design of a modern saddle was almost unusable by Smee.

Feeling defeated they switched to a saddle made as they were designed in king Richards day.  The change was incredible.  He was supported so well it looked as if he had been riding all his life.

I can't go into all of it here, but I believe it is still replaying on PBS.  Check it out.  If it is not playing in your area it is on youtube too.

Love the PBS for all they bring us. Don't get me started on 'Finding Your Roots'!


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