Leftovers from the visit

Sometimes I forget to take pics of the food that turns out really well.  Last night was one of those nights.

We had smoked brisket leftover from the weekend.  At first I thought we would just make sammies.  Then I flashed on a dinner with friends years ago. Creamed beef on toast.

I had never made the dish but that dinner had always stuck with me. Last night I gave it a try.

I told Charles what I had planned.  He was very excited!  He loves it but hadn't had in years.

It was a quick white sauce with a little garlic and black pepper.  Sliced brisket warmed in the sauce.  Served on everything bagel white toast.

Man was I sorry I didn't have pictures to share with you!  Oh! Wait! I do have a pic of the bread.

This makes an awesome base for any open faced sammie. Everything bagel buttermilk white bread.


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