Gone for a ride

I am having a restless night.  They are not uncommon for me. I just can't settle some nights.

Restles legs and a restless mind. When I lived alone I would get dressed and go for a drive. Miles and miles I'd drive. Stopping sometimes at a diner.  Coffee and pie then I would head home.

Tonight I can't really go for a drive. No license. Rats! But I can go for a ride!  My power chair is all charged up and ready to go. So that's what I do.

The brother and the dogs were asleep. I slipped out and just rode all around the complex. It is still 70 degrees out.  The rain has stopped.  No one is out.

My mind and body start to calm. The rain filtered air cleared my thoughts. I make a second circuit of the complex. Then a third.

Calm and relaxed I make my way home.  Sitting inside the front door Lady was waiting for me. Making our way to bed I fall quickly asleep.  At last!


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