Dinner out

Such nice evening. Clear skys. A little chilly.  But very nice.  Low and behold the symptoms of all my various complaints have decided to play nicely. This means I can go out tonight.  Perfect! Yee haw!

So I put on a sweater and jeans. By the way, I have six inches of room in those jeans that wasn't there a few months ago. More on those jeans later!.

We headed to Ruby Tuesday. They are always so accommodating.  I call to let them know I in a wheel chair.  They always have a table set up for us.

The food is great and the wait staff charming.


I was so happy to be there! Can you tell? Lol! Happy! Happy! Happy!

Brianna was our server. This lovely young woman was attentive and generous.

I love the burgers at RT. My fave is the classic bacon-cheese burger. It may be the best I have ever had. 

Charles loves their pasta. Tonight he had the cajun jambalaya pasta.  It smelled wonderful.

We had a lovely time.  I hope we get back soon!


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