the dogs. . . yes, again

I have noticed some things about Charles' rat terriers since the break in.  Both Trixie and Lady have become very vigilant about home security.

I MEEEAN they are serious.  If there is so much as breeze outside every hair on their backs stand on end. There is a duet of low growls.

Heaven help us if that breeze should rattle the front door. Trixie bolts down the entry hall to sniff the the front door.  Once she declared the all clear Lady feels it safe to leave her post.  Lady is apparently my body guard. My self-appointed body guard.

body guards on duty

Lady has always thought I was her personal property.  As such in an emergency Lady stays with me. All primary defenses on display for everyone to see.  Blocking me from anyone coming in the door.

Even after the danger has past she sits in my lap trembling and growling. As if she is daring all comers to take her on.

Impressive! Very impressive!

Since  that same insident they seem to have been convinced I am the boss.  It  is odd, the girls seem to see me as the one with the final word when Charles isn't here. That is  as high as I go in he family.

He is their "Dad" after all.  Still it is nice to  know they will obey me in any situation.                                                                                          


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