Night out, the best medicine

Charles is working like a horse and I have been down with digestive woes.  Today we both needed a nice evening.

At my instagation we went to a place our grand-parents, Mema and Granddaddy, used to take us.  Red Lobster.  The food was so good! Especially the garlic cheddar  biscuits.

OOPS!  They are ALWAYS get gone before I can get my camera out! So sad!  Oh well, I also had three kinds of shrimp.

Well dog if it didn't happen again!  All the shrimp has disappeared from this plate!  Well they are in a safe  place.  

Our server, was very sympathetic.  He says it happens all the time!

I have a sneaking suspicion that I know where they went!

Hint:  They were delish!


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