I LOVE big knives!


The truth is i love all knives, to my brthers horror, the bigger the better. The two pictured above are my favorites.  

Both 15 inches of carbon steel. The narrow one I found online.  A french made carving knife. I think. It was made in the mid '70s. That makes it about 35 years old.

The larger knife is a family piece.  It belonged to great grandfather. My dads, dads dad.  Arthur Gavin Campbell Toshach. We never knew him because he died while my dad was still a kid. I am assuming that this knife is at least 80 and mybe a 100 years old.  

This knife has no markings.  The company and the place of maufacture are a mystery.  I see, in my minds eye, my great grandfather presiding at the table with his wife and all their kids.  Including my sweet Pop Pop.

                                    Charles 'Pop Pop' Toshach Sr.  Possibly our first grill master.

I always stop in my window shopping if I find a good knife.  There are three i covet right now. Don't worry my brother i will love from afar.


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