Worrying news

We have had a worrying occurrence here.  The Homeless kitty we have been caring for has disappeared.  He went out Friday afternoon and never came back.  I am worried something may have happened to him.

Now, having raised cats before, I know that they will go walk about from time to time.  Especially young males.  So I am not giving up quite yet.  That being said and trying to be realistic I have to accept that he may not be back.

He had an injury a few weeks ago. A gash on his left front leg.  At the time I worried it may have been caused by a small group of dogs that roam unrestrained in our neck of the woods.  I occurs to me that his current absence my be caused by the same canines.

These dogs come out mostly at night and have as yet not been captured by animal control.

I will keep you posted.


Babs said…
Oh no poor Ewok!!!

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