EW update

There has been a suggestion for EW's new name.  Ewok.  Evil Wicked Old Kitty.  Ewok.  I think it works.  Tell me what you guys think.  It also has a star wars kinda thing to it.

Because of the deep cold of the weather around here E W has been spending a good bit of time in the house. As you can see he has adopted my computer chair as his bed. Fortunately he shares.

I am still in search of a new home for the boy but, as he is spending so much time around the girls, I am taking him to the vet to get checked out.  We want to save the cat but we don't want to put our dogs at risk while we do it.  

Speaking of the girls. . . . E W seems to have fallen in love with Trixie.  He purrs when he sees her and wants to rub all over her.  Trixie, for her part, was totally freaked out!  

Every time the cat came near her she headed for the hills.  These days she has become a little more curious.  I have caught her sniffing him in his sleep.  If she wakes him up she still heads for the hills but she is not quite as freaked out.    


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