Desserts to go

 The Brother is going to visit some friends tonight.  I did not want him to go empty handed.

This is the rum cake he loves.  It is a German chocolate cake spiked with rum.  There is rum in the batter.  There is rum in the icing.  The cake itself has been soaked in rum.  Basically there is a little cake with our rum! ;)

These are my favorite cookies.  No Rum.  RATS!! My favorite cookie is ginger snaps.  This recipe works very well.  The other cookies are sugar cookies.  I dipped the raw dough into yellow sugar and when they bake they get a glaze.  Usually I pipe happy faces on my yellow sugar cookies but I thought my brother might prefer they not be so cute.  Each recipe makes about 40 cookies.

I hope the Brother and his friends enjoy these desserts to go!


Babs Griffin said…
Boy oh boy that Rum Cake looks recipe, that is so not like you Mercy. lol

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