Puppy Love?

Does anyone out there believe in canine romance?  I am beginning to.  

I have mentioned Pepe in my ramblings.  He his a neighbors dog and Lady's current crush.  Whenever he sees the girls Pepe dumps his owner and makes a mad dash for Lady.  

Sorry these are not the best pictures I have ever taken but this is Pepe and his mom Christie

Lady is making points with Pepe's mom
Lady for her part will sit on the side walk and cry for him to come out.  She cries when she sees him and she cries when he pays attention to Trixie or me.  A little self-restraint Lady.  Just a little!

Now Pepe is very well mannered he always spends a few minutes playing with Trixie.  He always comes to me to get his ears scratched.   But, he always returns to Lady.

This is so much fun to watch.


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