How RUDE!!

  • I am SO IRKED!! I was walking the girls. one of the neighbors was moving out left his door open. His small dog , a King Charles Spaniel I think, charged Trixie and Lady.

    I pulled their leads in until the were at my feet. with teeth and growling charging them our girls did not return the aggression until the dog got too close to me. When she got within five feet of me both our dogs stood up and growled and snarled. The other dog came to a screeching halt.

    Her owner stomped over and snatched his dog away. He shot me an nasty look like I had sicked my dogs on his. This petulant young man stomped away with out a word. I didn't say anything either. But I thought. . . 'better be happy I didn't let my dog eat your dog!'. I didn't Say it but I sure thought it!

    I am truly irked but also proud. Trixie and Lady did just what they should! Good Girls!


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