Finally gravy!

As I have mentioned in earlier posts I have had a few life long challenges in the kitchen.  After 30 years I learned to make awesome biscuits.  Just recently I told you about my triumph with pot roast.

Last night, I was completely satisfied with my gravy for the first time. The batteries in my camera dead so I have no photographic proof of this.

If I did. . . you would see perfectly roasted chicken legs, smothered in caramelized onions and topped with a velvety gravy.  YEE HAWW!!!

Finally I got it right.  I have come close a couple times, but this time i got it.

Instead of just butter, flour and chicken broth, I saved the drippings and fat from the pan the meat was cooked in.

I used the chicken fat to make the roux for my gravy.  I flavored the roux with a few dried sage leaves.  After it had cooked for 2 minutes I added the drippings and 2 cups of home made chicken broth.  It thickened to a velvety gravy that I was so proud of!

I would like to say that pictures are forthcoming but we ate all the evidence


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