Puff Pastry

As mentioned in an earlier post, Pop Tarts, I saw Martha Stewart make puff pastry by hand the other day.  It was time consuming but not hard.  I had to try it.

In a futile effort to healthy it up I used white whole wheat flour instead of all purpose.  I say a futile effort because this recipe begins with a pound of butter and ends with 12oz of heavy cream.  

This 'healthy' version yielded all the buttery layers of the other version.  However the whole wheat was crispy where the original version is tender.  Not the outcome I was hoping for but very good in it's own right.

I made some turnovers with leftover turnip greens, bacon and sharp cheddar cheese.  The brother liked them a lot.  They are quite pretty.  

I made some tiny little crescent type rolls too.  They had the texture a Ritz cracker.  The were gone before they could get there picture taken.  Charles said they would be good with cheeses.


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