Apple Pie

When life stresses us more than usual comfort food is the only remedy.

Stress Buster!
Being southerners born and bred, a lot of our favorite comfort foods are sweets. Yesterday was one of those days and apple pie was the cure!

This pie is made in the most healthy way I could and still be luscious.  Lets face it if healthy ain't good I ain't gonna eat it.

The crust is made with half white whole wheat flour and half unbleached all purpose.  The addition of whole grain helps make the carb content more beneficial.

The traditional fats in a pie crust are lard or butter or vegetable shortening.  In mine I use part butter and part coconut oil. 

Coconut oil is a very healthy oil and helps the tenderness of pastry.  For sweetness and browning sugar is a must.  in this I used just 2 tbs of tupelo honey.

Now for the big surprise. . . instead of water I use booze.  Yes booze.  In this case it was vodka. However cinnamon schnapps or apple jack also work well.

Now, according to Alton Brown, my kitchen hero, the booze helps to keep the pastry flaky and tender.  It works.

Alton also taught me a trick about the apples.  Have you ever packed an apple pie cram full of apples only to have them shrink in the oven and leave you with a pie cave?

According to to A.B. If you toss the sliced apples with a little sugar and let them drain for an hour.  the excess water will be drawn out and prevent the shrinkage. No pie cave!  

TADA!! The perfect comfort food!


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