Pop Tarts

A while ago I dreamed about my handsome nephew Max.  He is the son of my youngest brother Ed and his wife Leslie.  He is also brother to my beautiful niece Esme.

The western branch of the family lives several hours away.  I dreamed they had all come to visit.  When morning came Max made a request for Pop Tarts.  Alas Aunt Mercy did not have any.  Then Max asked. . . .'You can make some . . . right?'  Well of course!

So in my magical dream kitchen I whipped up puff pastry.  I filled it with my famous strawberry preserves and frosted it with royal icing.

Shortly after the dream I saw Martha Stewart make puff pastry from scratch!  HMMMMM!?!?

Well I have printed out the recipe and will give it a try.  Must be prepared in case my dream comes true. . . right?  ;)

By the way, is anyone surprised that I dream in food? :D


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