The perfect man?

As I mentioned I have injured my hip.  It is improving slowly and I am not spending as much time in bed.  

As I rested up for the last few weeks I have watched a great deal of TV.  In a couple of seasonal movies that I watched over and over (White Christmas and The Holiday) I think I may have located the basis for my perfect man.

He is a cross between Danny Kaye and Jack Black.  Not what you were thinking was it?  You guys were expecting a little Jude Law in there somewhere. . . . right?

Truth be told the pretty boys, while LOVELY to look at and dream about, are not what I want in my heart and my everyday life.  They are more of a Brownie Sundae on the weekend while your still in you Sunday go to meeting clothes.

Danny Kaye, while a very handsome man, brings humor and grace to the party.  These are qualities I am trying to cultivate in my self and that I appreciate in others.  In all his characters there is a caring respect for his love interest in the movie that never waivers.  Even when things don't work out the way he would like.   His on camera humor is often boisterous if not outright slap stick.  But always there is an undercurrent of child like wonder.

Sharpen that with Jack Blacks ability to lightly charm a mood, a room, or a woman and you have something approaching, well, perfection.  Jack also has a contagious enthusiasm that makes him, to my mind, as attractive any cinema super stud.  This love of life shows in his twinkling eyes and wicked grin. The role of Miles in The Holiday is my favorite so far.  I hope he chooses more of these types of scene stealing roles.

The Holiday is on again.  Gotta go.


Anonymous said…
Oh how I love jack black too! And the holiday. Think I'll throw in a little Steve carrel(?) From get smart too!

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