Paula Deen

All right, I have had just about enough of the press.  Vilifying a public figure for type 2 diabetes is just ridiculous.  Yes I'm talking about Paula Deen.
I am a fan and I watch her programming whenever I can.  Some how I missed the program in which she proclaimed herself a lifestyle guru.  

I was also born in Savannah GA and raised all over the south.  So I am no stranger to the luscious fare Paula serves up everyday on her show.  But contrary to public opinion, very few of us eat that way all day every day.
The press would have you believe that Paula's recipes were a suggested life style to be followed religously.  Her tongue in cheek approach to all things butter belies that. 

I would understand the uproar more if Paula had been shouting "Follow Me!  I'll make you healthy, wealthy and wise!". She wasn't and she isn't.  Her program and books are designed to add a little humor and favor to life.

Frankly, with all the bad news these days, politically, financially and otherwise life is much better with a pinch of humor and a pat of butter!  So get over yourselves!  



CTjr said…
I agree about Paula..he says from behind his stack of bacon and cheese and beef.Where did you learn
all them big words?
mercyt said…
Yea. . .The Paula Deen post hit a nerve. My views spiked the day i posted that.

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