Mema in whole wheat

A lot of you know my Mema's coffee cake. In the last 20 years I taken or sent it to every party or gathering within 3 states. :) I was reading through some recipes I had collected to check out and found one for a whole wheat coffee cake. It had a small resemblance to the rich confection my grandmother had passed down. However, Charles and I are both trying more whole grains in our foods. And truthfully and reason for coffee cake is a good one.

My idea was to enhance this recipe like my Mema did. So I added more eggs, more butter, sour cream and buttermilk.

In the oven it went. It soon smelled like coffee cake. It even looked like coffee cake when it came out of the oven. it cooled and I iced it with a cinnamon drizzle and then the big test. Would the brother like it?

He waited up past his bed time to try this. I was very nervous. Then I heard it.

'Oh Merce this is real good!'

YEEHAW! That's it! That's the stamp of approval. I tried it and he was right. It was not the truly decadent cake my grandmother made, but it was rich and light textured. In short the first time a whole wheat cake was worthy of company! I would serve this to anyone without fear!

As it was past his bed time Charles headed off to bed content that I wouldn't throw it away. ( if I'm not happy with something it will occasionally land in the trash.) I think he took an extra piece to bed with him just in case.


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