There was an earthquake just north of us in Virginia today. I did not feel it but there was some shaking in Raleigh. The girls seemed to know something wasn't right.

Trixie trembled like a leaf in the wind. She cried for a long while. Totally inconsolable. Lady was under my feet if I was up and cuddled into the crook of my arm if I was sitting. They are almost back to normal now.

Isn't it amazing though, animals feel these things so much more than we do. I wonder what it is they sense. is it a micro trimmer? so faint we never feel it? or is it something in the air?

Trixie is in my bed snoring now. Lady is in the dog bed next to my chair. Her usual place as I blog. I will pay more attention to how these dogs react to things.

I am so glad this was not a huge disaster and no one was badly hurt.


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