I LOVE It when Charles grills!

Last night Charles, my brother, my roommate, my fellow foodie cooked. We stumbled on some huge pork chops in the food lion. He doctored them up and put them on the grill. I have always been a fan of my own personal grill masters pork chop, but these were special!

Tender and juicy with just the right char on the outside. So good.

This is why i don't grill. Other than the fact that I would probably set myself on fire, I can't seem to achieve that balance. If they are right on the outside the inside is like shoe leather.

Thankfully I don't have to worry about it! Charles has it covered! And he enjoys it! I never have to ask him. He is always ready with 'why don't we cook that on the grill?'

P.S. I found some sugar free nilla wafers made with splenda! We will be trying a sugar free version of banana pudding this week end!! is it Friday yet?


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