Hi all! It is September again. We are headed into the Season of chilis and soups and deep luscious flavor. These deep flavors are driven by warm spices and bright herbs.

I have found on line a site that has ruined me for grocery store herbs and spices. People! I am in love. I live in very small town where the spices and condiments I love are not readily available.

I went first in search of caraway seed. Nothing out there. Nothing truly rare. What I found was not just the most aromatic caraway seed I had ever smelled but GROUND caraway seeds.

This adds a level flavor that my rye breads only dreamed of!! This site is AWESOME..

Needless to say I have become a My Spice Sage junky! Chipolte powder, Five spice power and paprika of all discription!

Join me as I do the dance of joy, won't you?


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