Great Grandmothers recipe book

When Mom and Dad came to help me this last time they brought it to me.  It was printed in 1936 by General Mills to promote two of their products.  Swans Down cake flour and Calumet baking powder.  Both are still in production today.

As you can see it was well used and well loved.  It opens easily to a paticular page. Caramel Devils Food cake.  I talked to Mom and she remembers this cake.  Her fathers mother, Caroline Virginia Dean, is the one that would make it.

This is 1936 printing of this book.  As such it predates the time when every home had electricity much less an electric mixer.  So all directions give you the truly 'hand made' way to bake.  Boy am I glad I have a Kitchen Aid! When I get more on a level keeI intend to recreate Great grandmother Virginias cake.  There is another recipe that seems to have seen alot of action,  The Busy Day Cake.

That sounds like a to do too! LOL!


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