Silent night

It was about 4:AM. I was sleeping on my side.  Lady was curled up behind my knees. Trixie was likewise curled up in the small of my back.  Then I noticed it. . . Silence.

It is unheard of to truly have no noise.  Even at that time of night the water heater gurgles, the Hvac system cycles on and off , Lady's nails on the tiles as she patrols the apartment.  Even nightbirds calling.  Not tonight.

I think it was the complete absense of noise that woke me.  Strangely there was none of the usual snoring I have become so accustom.

Lady snores quiety.  Occasionally she growls at some bad guy in her dreams. Trixie also dreams. Wooo! Wooo! Over and over again she wooo wooos.  I comfort. Sometimes I giggle and drift back to sleep.

The whole rest of the house slept noiselessly. Tonight for me there was only quiet wakefulness.

Sleep on my babies.


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