Reshare from last year: protectors

Been home from surgery a few days now. A little bumpy, but not horrible!

Both the dogs and the brother have been spoiling me rotten. Protecting me too.  Trixie sleeps with her head in my hand. If I move she is instantly aware. Lady wraps her arms around my calves for much the same reason.

I am trying to walk every day.  Can't have my legs giving out on me.  Well. . . . not more than they already have anyway.

The doggies follow me around as if they think they can catch me if I do fall.  Charles stops short of actually following me around.  Content to be sure he is in the optimal visual position charles is more stealthy.

Either way I know I am loved and protected by the best security force in town!  Lol!

Ever diligent protectors on duty!

Update:  over a year after this was posted I am still cancer free.  


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