Practice, practice and more practice!

I am, by no means, a nail artist. Although I try. I don't wear false nails. Not even the kind you "Press" on.

When my nails get some length on them I try something a little more fancy. I have an enamel polish that looks like gold plating.  My teal green has almost a hologram effect.

But my fave is a glitter 'French' tip. This look takes a very steady hand.  Not what I am known for. . .at all!  See?

The glitter is Milani #40 Diamond Dazzle.  In person it has bright flashes of lavendar, pink and blue. The tip color is OPI cream of crete. 

If you don't look too hard they are sorta pretty.  On closer examination, I need practice.  Lots and LOTS of practice!


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