Our favorite things

Charles and I spent today doing some of our favorite things. Charles planted and I baked.

It's garden time in our house.  Charles plants containers of tomatoes, basil, cucumbers and peppers every year. He waters day and night.  He pollenates the flowers. Then we make the best salad.

The brother also asked if I could bake a cake with blueberries.  YES! I had a read a recipe for lemon-blueberry layer cake. Topped with cream cheese frosting it was high on my to-do list!

None of the berries sank to the bottom.  Both layers are tender and fluffy. Perfect!

I also put together one of my Memas coffee cakes for Charles office.  Then he forgot to take it.  Lol! He turned up to pick it up a few minutes ago.

I Think he may have been SENT home to get it! Lol!


John Curtiss said…
Now I am jealous and hungry!! Looks awesome girl👧👏🏻Cathy
Mercy Toshach said…
I'm fasting for the doctor. So i made a cake in case my sugar drpos. It's the best way to bring em back up. That's my story and I'm sticken to it! Lol!

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