The dogs are training me

The other night I realized that I am infinitely more trainable that our dogs.  The dogs seem to have figured it out long ago.  . .

I had taken the dogs on their last walk of the night and i had settled into bed.  Trixie became agitated, crying and scratching at my arm.  I knew she had just done her 'dooty' so I ignored her.  She kept getting more and more agitated.  So I got up

Grumbling all the way, I got her leash out and called her to go out but she refused to move.  WHAT?  This was YOUR idea!  I got out of bed so you could NOT go out?!? 

I maneuvered my power chair over to her so we could discuss it further.  She jumped up onto the couch and then into the crook of my arm.  Her usual position when she rides with me in the chair.

SHE GOT ME UP SO SHE COULD RIDE IN THE CHAIR!!!!  It's official. . . I am a theme park ride!


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