Momma's Table

Ok. . . This is the worlds worst picture of a table.  I know.

In my defense there is a story here.  This is the table my Mom and Dad started their  married life with over 56 years ago.

She and her mom, my Mema, found it in an unfinished furniture store.  It is a round drop leaf table. They brought it home and and painted it black.

Mom served Dad their first meal at this table.  Apparently a less than notable tuna concoction.  We won't mention it again.  

Dad worked for NCR, National Cash Register, then. He brought his work home with him.  The two long gouges down the middle of of the table top are from a cash register he was repairing.  They are still visible after all these years

As our family grew more room at the table was needed.  So this family standard became a craft table and a sewing table.  The paint has worn off the edge of the table where Mom and I sewed a great many things.  Including the first gift I ever gave my niece, Esme.

It was what most people would call a rag doll.  She had big blue eyes and a red braid that wrapped around her head like a halo.  I also sewed a little dress for the doll.  It had pink rosettes and a heart shaped button.

When I moved out on my own this table became my dining room table.  Some of the meals were even less memorable than the tuna disaster that was first served on this table.  Sorry Mom, I won't mention it again.  (It took me 35 years to figure out how to make good biscuits, but I've got it now.)

Now it has come with the brother and me to our new home.  Who knew the brother likes to sit down at a table to eat his meals?  

Today it is covered in tools and boxes of screws.  The brother is hanging shelves in the pantry for my kitchen goodies.  Such a good brother.

Mom would like me to paint the old table.  Bring it back to new, or at least newish.  

Hope you don't mind Mom, but I don't think I will paint it just yet. 



Anonymous said…
Love it and all the memories

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