FINALLY! A Good Pot Roast!

In recent months I have been in search of the perfect pot roast.  The results have been dismal.  

Dry tough meat and disappointing gravies had me all but giving up.  When the brother came home to see I had tried again. . . lets just say he ate dessert first!

After his coconut cake I served him plate of beef with the sauce just as it came out of the pot, a piece of garlic/basil toast and a small tomato salad.

I fixed myself a plate and returned to find his plate almost clean.  The brother was sopping up the last of it with his toast.  SUCCESS!!

I dove into my own plate.  I couldn't believe it.  It was tender and moist.  The pan sauce was the rich accompaniment I had been longing for.  

Thank you America's Test Kitchen!!!

Actually I only used the method from ATK.  I have not completely stocked this new kitchen. So I had to improvise.  I was short on the fresh veggies they had used.  All I had was onions and garlic.  There are other substitutions as well.

OK! This is my version:

1 4LB chuck roast
3 large onions  Sliced
3 TBS of olive oil
1 head of garlic broken up and peeled
1 small can tomato puree
1 small can condensed french/onion soup
salt & pepper

Pat the beef dry with paper towels and salt well.  Turn the meat over and repeat.  Set the meat aside to rest 1 hour.

In a large soup pot heat the oil and begin sweating the onions.  When onions are translucent and slightly browned add the garlic, tomatoes, soup and 1 tsp black pepper.  Stir well.

At the end of the resting time wipe  the meat again with paper towels.  This will remove any excess salt.  

Add the meat to the pot cover and move to a 300 degree preheated oven.  Cook untouched for 3 hours.

Great pot roast!


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