Bed buddies

Mom and I were in my room watching TV.  She noticed I was resting on the outer edge of the bed and asked if I was comfortable. Of course I was.

Well maybe not so much. . . You see I had what was left over on the bed AFTER the dog or dogs claimed their portion of the mattress. Now Trixie and Lady are not huge dogs. Twelve and seventeen pounds respectively. So, in theory, they take up very little room. . . . In theory.

The girls prefer the side against the wall.  Lady curls into a ball behind my knees.  (I'm a side sleeper)  Trixie stretches out and cuddles my back from neck to hip. Occasionally, they team up to push me out of bed. It hasn't worked yet. Yet!

Oh well I guess the floor isn't soooo bad. Lol!

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