New Condo!

Happy!  Happy!  We got word yesterday that we got the condo we wanted.  It is a lovely place in eastern North Carolina.

We will be close to the beach.  Charles can go fishing anytime he likes.  His new job is just a few minutes away.  His commute here was over an hour each way.  Not so good on gas.

There is not a fence for the girls.  We will have to do some leash training.  But we have a nice sized patio and small green space that I can use to train in.  

They are quick learners and we will have this beat in no time!  

Mom and Dad are coming after the move to help us set up and decorate.  Mom has a wonderful eye for style.  Dad will drive us around as we get the things we need.  I am hoping he will also help me leash training while they are here.

Can't Wait!!!  The move is on the 21st.  Just 10 days to go now!!!



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