Poor Evil Wicked

Evil Wicked was introduced to you all in a recent post.  EW is the cat that took so much pleasure in taunting our dogs.  Since that time Evil Wicked has fallen on hard times.

Several weeks ago our neighbors moved away and abandoned EW.  I did not realize these people (who are TRULY evil wicked) had left.  I would see him, and yes EW is a him and not a her as previously thought and about a year old, from a distance.  He seemed to be doing well.  

Boy was I wrong!  EW is a long haired cat and the fluffy coat was hiding a starving kitten.  He became so desperate that he jumped into our fence with the very dogs he tortured so relentlessly. Just to get some attention.

When The Brother brought the situation to my attention my first thought was 'Uh oh, Dead cat!  Dead cat!'.  I was wrong again.  

When presented with the cat of their night mares our dogs rose to the occasion.  They greeted him in the the traditional manner of all animals.  They sniffed his bottom.  Just like they had good manners!!  You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Not only was there no blood or guts there was no growling.  Just polite sniffing.  EW was soon so comfortable he was purring and rubbing on the girls.  This is new behavior to our girls so their reaction was to jump back and say 'watch it buddy!' .  But still no aggression.  Wow!

If any of you know me personally, you know I have a personal policy.  NO ONE goes hungry!  Aunt Mercy feeds anyone and everyone.  So a starving kitten in my back yard is unacceptable.

I started with dog kibble.  A starving kitten. . . you would think he would be all over it.  Nope.  True to his kind his finicky self spat it out!  Are you kidding me?

I doused it with home made chicken broth and he choked it down.  So EW gets leftover meat for now.  I will get some cat food soon.  

I fixed EW a warm box for him to sleep in out side the door. We don't know his status as far as shots and illnesses so we are keeping EW an outside cat for now.

To ease my brother's nerves it must be stated that we cannot keep EW.  We are actively seeking a safe warm home for him.

One problem we are having is that as EW becomes closer to me Lady has developed some emotional problems... She is suffering from 'That is MY Aunt Mercy' syndrome!  She doesn't growl or attack.  But, She does try to sit just out of my field of vision and bare every tooth in her skull when the cat is in my lap.  We still have work to do!

Will be posting pictures of EW as soon as I get some batteries for my camera.  Keep watching.

Let me know if anyone needs a kitten.



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