Houdini The Mouse

Let me tell you the sad story of Houdini the mouse. As mentioned previously in this blog we live in the boony docks. Occasionally we a mouse problem. It is almost always a single rodent and is quickly dispatched. Well, this time a family of 4 moved in.

First we tried poison. Nothing. Well not nothing, apparently they liked the poison. Their poo and pee soon had the same florescent green hue as the poison. Still they lived on.

Next we tried the glue type traps. This worked better. 1, 2 then 3 bye bye mice! Number 4 i have named Houdini.

Houdini has a passion for peanut better (which is what I baited the trap with) and gladly went to the middle of the trap and cleaned it up. Then, finding himself stuck in the glue he began to think, actually THINK!

I say this with some confidence because the next morning I found the trap wedged between the face of the cabinet and the door. No mouse! Houdini left evidence behind. There was fur and poo all over the glue but no Houdini.

Next I put a glue trap on the counter near the sink. We knew he had been there. Plenty of biological evidence left behind. When I checked the next morning the trap was gone. Just GONE! No where to be seen.. I looked all over the counter. Nothing. I gave up.

I needed coffee. So I pulled out the big coffee maker out to drown my disappointment. There it was. the empty glue trap. Behind the coffee maker! This mouse is too good! An escape artist. Hence the name Houdini.

I pointed out the hidden trap to Charles. It was then I mentioned we might need to get 'medieval' on this mouse. He agreed.

So it was the brother came home with a contraption that looked for all the world like a mouse sized bear trap. As I set the trap up I mentioned that it might be a moot point. There was a distinctly dead mouse smell growing in one of the lower cabinets. I couldn't find Houdini and neither could the brother. So we set the trap. No mouse.

Then this afternoon I found out why. Houdini the mouse, much like his name sake, had been beaten by by the ultimate escape!

I was moving some storage jars and bottles in the lower cabinet when I notice a dark shadow in the bottom of one. It was a lovely embossed glass wine bottle. Houdini had no trouble getting in, but the sloped sides kept him from getting out. There he died.

I removed him, bottle and all, from the house. Farewell Houdini the mouse! Farewell!


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