Andy's= Burgers, Subs and Fries

I was power shopping with a friend this morning. Super Walmart. I couldn't be more giddy if I was at Disney world! However I digress . . . It got to be lunch time and Mack ( our lawn guy and my helper. 15 and a good friend) suggested Andy's. It's in the same shopping center as my Walmart. Perfect.

Never been there before but I was up for a new place. The style is retro diner. Colorful booths and chrome stools at the bar. Vintage style dining tables round out the seating. Posters of movie stars hang on the walls. Right next to their inspection grade from the state. Grade A, 99.0. Gotta love that!

From what I could see they earned it. The tables and booths were clean and well taken care of. The floor was spotless. The booths were comfortable even for someone of my, shall we say, generous proportions.

I cover all this before the food because without these things in place I won't try the food.

The food. I had a shrimp po' boy and Mack had hot wings. I know what you are thinking... shrimp, this far from the coast? Are you crazy? Well Like you i was skeptical..

I don't know if it is fresh or frozen shrimp and I don't care. It was perfectly seasoned and fried. Not over done and still tender and moist. On a large toasted roll with Cajun sauce and lettuce and tomato. A large po' boy with fries and a drink are $6.99.

Mack had the hot wings There were more than he could get through but I noticed his to go box had his fries and mine in it as well as his wings!!

The servers were friendly and attentive. They were very tolerant too. I asked a LOT of questions.

They serve burgers, dogs, subs, and something called 'John-boy and Billy's Chicken. there were shakes and desserts as well.

It was a good visit. I will be working my way through their menu in the near future. Mack says the Philly cheese steak is too good. I hope all of Sanford finds it.


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