The evil wicked

We live out in the countryside of central North Carolina. As most of you know, we are at the service of two very sweet, very spoiled rat terriers. Trixie and Lady.

The girls, as I often refer to them, have a large section of the yard fenced in for their use. However there is about a 20 foot section between the dog yard and the woods that is unfenced.

Out here in the booney docks we have bunnies and squirrels, as well as a few domestic cats that love the open patch in our back yard. All of the animal life has figured out that the dogs can go just so far and no further.

One cat, a beautiful young long haired cat, has taken advantage of this knowledge. I call her . . . the evil wicked.

She parks herself in the middle of the green way and preens unit she gets the attention of the ratties. Lady bounces at the back door, trying to see out the window in the door. Trixie is behind me as I shuffle along, making my way to the door. If I am not going fast enough she will bounce up level with my bottom and PUSH me!

Once the hounds are released it is a mad dash for the fence. Thankfully, it is about five feet high so they can't jump it, but the verbal attack is astonishing. They bark and growl with vigor. (Disguising the fact that they would have no idea what to do with the offending creature if they caught it. If they were fishermen I think they would be of the catch and release school.)

Now that the evil wicked has their undivided attention the show begins. She will begin with a slow wide yawn. Which elicits a bark so deep the girls are bounced off their front feet. Despite the fact that the barking is surely an assault on her parentage, the evil wicked turns over onto her back. Exposing her tummy to the sun in the way of one completely secure in her safety. Then in an act of torturous taunting she begins to stretch.

Lady, pushed beyond reason, taps into the beagle deep in her DNA. . . . BAAAROOOOO! BAROOO OOO OO! The evil wicked, convinced there is another canine very close and in no way bothered by a fence, hits the ground running.

The yard is quiet and the girls trot back to the house. They give me a look that says "It's okay Aunt Mercy. . . your safe now." Strangely I do feel safer knowing they will keep away the evil wicked.


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