Just selfish I guess

As I mentioned before I spend most of my days home alone. So, outside things don't get to me much. I focus my attention on my aches and pains mostly. I try my best to make sure my brother, his home and his dogs are taken care of .

I see the news. I know the financial crisis is out of control. Being on social security disability and medicare that fact comes home regularly. Recently it was brought to my attention that in our small town there are those who have no work, no money and no food.

I have become acquainted with one such person. In a recent conversation I missed lightly veiled request for help. Just too wrapped up in my own ongoing saga to see anyone else. Several days later I dragged myself out of my selfish stupor and responded as best I could.

I hope I was able to help her keep the wolf from the door for a few days anyway. I also hope that this will make me more responsive. More able to see beyond the the cocoon of selfishness I have woven around myself.


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