New doctors.& new glasses

Today I had to see a new doctor.  My glasses are 10 years old and woefully ineffective. The ophthalmologist is Dr. Jacobs.  He and his staff were respectful and kind.  The doctor himself very thorough.

I love a physician that can communicate in terms I understand.  Many I have seen love techno-babble. The doctor and his staff all explained clearly what was happening as it was happening.They were all very accommodating  and caring.

I had no idea that because I was diabetic Medicare would pay for a large portion of the doctors fee. The office staff were aware and applied for me.  They saved me over $50.00 Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I am diabetic. Since I have not had an exam in over 10 years my biggest fear was diabetic retinopithy.. The veins to the retina start to leak and eventually cause blindness.

Good news! To quote Dr. Jacobs my retinas are 'Wonderful!'.  Doing my happy dance!

However I do need new glasses. Bifocals. RATS!

Next door to the doctor is an optometrist. Eyemart Express.  Dell was the technician that assisted me. I have champagne tastes on a beer budget. Dell worked with me tirelessly until we found glasses that worked for me.  Actually Dell worked with my budget to get me TWO pairs of glasses!

Two pair with no line bifocals for $77.00.  Thank you Dell! Thank you! Thank you!

Clear blue and pink.

BTW: I wasn't feeling particularly photogenic so my friends the Butternuts agreed to model for me!  Aren't they cute in my glasses!


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